Pest Prevention Tips From the Pros

Great Tips For Pest Proofing Your Home... One thing that should go hand in hand with spring cleaning is pest proofing your home... Bob Vila and have some great tips for pest proofing your home each year in an article and corresponding video on   Some of the main tips covered by PestWorld include: [...]

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Removing Ticks Safely

It's Tick Season Once Again... No-one is excited to see ticks but it's always nice to have a plan if you are unlucky enough to find one... has some great reminders for all of us going into the spring and summer tick seasons.  The main points to remember are: Ticks are vectors (carriers) of diseases [...]

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Roaches Can Become a Big Problem!

We just had to share this story! Have you ever had cockroaches?  Not that you needed one, but this story may just give you another reason to get them taken care of... In a recent article Rachael Rettner from wrote about a woman from India who had woken up to a "crawling sensation" in her head. [...]

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A New Way to Look at Rodent Control

A Unique Approach to Rat Control! For those living in America's largest cities rats are a common site but that may not be the case for long... Alice Klein wrote a recent article for New Scientist in which she discussed a new type of rodent bait being used in New York City that goes [...]

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Could Eating Bugs Save The Planet?

Eating Bugs May be More Beneficial Than You Think! Could changing part of our diet to insects really have a big impact on global warming? Mark Connor  in writing for The Visitor referenced recent studies and stated that "Replacing half of the meat eaten worldwide with crickets and mealworms would cut farmland use by a third, substantially reducing [...]

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Cyborg Dragonflies?

Dragonflies as insect-drones? Could insects be made to do the bidding of human masters and could this technology help keep our military folks safe? Allison Barrie at Fox News says that "The US military, like others around the world, has long pursued tiny flying robots to deploy for surveillance. Armed with tech like cameras and [...]

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