7 Tips for Choosing Reliable Texas Pest Control

7 Tips for Choosing Reliable Texas Pest Control

You need a professional and reliable pest control company to clear out your infestation problem. Here are 7 tips for choosing the best Texas pest control.

Pest infested homes are no small matter.

According to the Census Bureau’s American Housing Survey, around 10% of homes in the U.S. require pest control.

A Bloomberg study found that Houston, TX comes in just behind New Orleans as the 2nd most pest-infested city in the U.S.

Damage from termites alone costs homeowners around $5 billion a year.

Texas pest control is serious business. You need a pest control company you can trust.

Let’s explore 7 tips for choosing a reliable Texas pest control service.

Understand Texas Pest Control Qualifications

According to the Texas Department Of Agriculture, the government agency that governs the pest control licensure process, a licensed technician must:

  • Undergo 20 hours of general classroom training
  • Undergo 8 hours of licensure training
  • Complete 40 hours of on-the-job training as an apprentice in each pest control category to be performed
  • Pass a criminal background check
  • Pass the technician certification test
  • Be under the direct supervision of a certified applicator

A commercial technician must do the above in addition to being licensed for each business he/she works for as a pest control technician.

A pest control apprentice can perform services under the direct supervision of a certified applicator who will meet with the apprentice 3 times a week but likely will not attend a call.

The apprentice has undergone all training listed above, lacking only the certification test and 40 hours on-the-job.

A certified applicator undergoes an even more strenuous certification process. He/she will be responsible for supervising and mentoring apprentices and technicians.

Having a basic understanding of pest control qualifications will help you choose the right Texas pest control company, but qualifications are only a small part of the overall picture.

Consider Experience


Your Texas pest control provider should have the experience needed to do what’s best for your home.

Most of a pest control technician’s learning doesn’t happen in a classroom. It takes place on the job, using the senses to see, feel, smell and listen to a residential environment.

An experienced technician uses all of his/her senses along with state-of-the-art technology to:

  • Root out the pest’s hiding places
  • Discover their strongholds
  • Lay out a strategy to eliminate the infestation while preventing re-infestations over a given period of time

The technician should then be able to clearly communicate with the homeowner the nature of the infestation and the best course of action.

They should go further, discussing pest prevention strategies to help you get the most out of their service.

That’s important. Talking about insects may not be our favorite pastime. But as responsible homeowners, we need to — and have the right to — know what’s being done to our home.

Evaluate How They Do Business

We should always check out their online reviews. We should read at least some of the 5-star reviews and any 4 and below. This will give us a good picture of how they do business.

Do we see any deal breakers? Do the reviews convey an image of trustworthiness, punctuality, exceptional pest control service and a strong emphasis on customer care?

Then we’ve likely found a winner. But as we work together to choose a reliable Texas pest control service we need to look deeper.

Explore Reputation

You have considered their online reputation. That’s important. But it can be helpful to talk to actual clients in person.

You can either ask the company for a list of references, talk to people in your social circles or find people to talk with on social media who have used a certain pest control company in Texas.

You should ask them:

  • What did you think of their pest control services?
  • Were the technicians friendly and helpful?
  • Did they seem confident and competent?
  • Do you feel you got the right service for the right price — a value?
  • Would you hire them again?


Look for Value

Value is a commonly misunderstood word. Sometimes we equate it with “cheap” or “less effective”.

But value is about getting what you paid for. We should always look for value when choosing a reliable Texas pest control service.

We should be careful not to fall into the “low price trap”. If the price is much lower than competitors, we’re likely not getting quality pest control service.

We may even end up paying more when the service doesn’t work as it should.

We should also avoid the high price trap. We shouldn’t think that just because a company is charging premium prices that they offer better service.

Most often, it’s just a sales ploy.

Basing our decision on more than just price will help us avoid getting caught up in these snares.


Instead, we’re looking for value. We’re looking for getting the right quality for the right price.

Expect Customer Service

A reliable pest control company in Texas will have a culture of exceptional customer service.

You should feel it throughout the process:

  • Inquiring
  • Returned calls
  • Attentive representatives
  • Convenient Scheduling
  • Thorough Consultations
  • Ease of reading documentation
  • Clarity of communication with the technician
  • Clear and easy to understand contracts
  • Proper guarantees on work performed

We may be able to get a sense of this by exploring reviews and talking with references or at this point, we may be ready to start working with the company.

When a culture of exceptional customer care is present we’ll feel it throughout the process.


Be Safe

What chemicals are being used in our house? How do they impact the water supply, air or wildlife? Do we need to make special arrangements for our pets? What about the children?

A reliable pest control company will be open about what chemicals are being used in our homes. They’ll explain the risks so that you can plan to protect your dogs, gerbils, cats, birds and children.

They’ll take your safety and their safety very seriously.

How to Find a Reliable Texas Pest Control Company

With these 7 tips, you’ll be able to make the right choice when it comes to pest control for your home.

Check out our reviews, talk to our clients and schedule a free, no obligations inspection today.




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