Roaches Can Become a Big Problem!

We just had to share this story!

Have you ever had cockroaches?  Not that you needed one, but this story may just give you another reason to get them taken care of…

In a recent article Rachael Rettner from wrote about a woman from India who had woken up to a “crawling sensation” in her head.  Unfortunately for her, this wasn’t just a dream. Rettner went on to quote Dr. M.N. Shankar who found the root of the nightmare when he discovered that a cockroach had “burrowed into the roof of the nose, almost near the skull base, which is the dividing point between the brain and the nose”.  

Of course, this is not very common but I couldn’t even imagine the feeling. The doctors were able to remove the roach but I’m sure it was an experience that this women will not soon forget.

See the full article here 

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