Rodent Problems in Frisco Texas

Why Are Rats Such a Problem in Frisco Texas?

Rats have become quite the problem for homeowners in Frisco. What are the environmental conditions that help mice and rats thrive and how can you avoid them around your own home?

Rat Problems in Frisco Texas

While rats and mice are a topic that not many people don’t like to discuss, the reality is that if you live in the Frisco or McKinney Texas area it’s not a matter of whether or not you will see them, it is a matter of when you will see them.

Unfortunately, the heavily wooded areas, thick undergrowth and easy access to water sources makes Frisco the perfect place for rodents and other wildlife to thrive.

It is important to understand what conditions lead to large numbers of rodents and what you can do around your home to prevent them.


Keeping Rodents Away From Your Home

Keeping mice and rats away from your home is key to keeping them out of your attic, garage and pantry.

Mice and rats have natural predators even in neighborhoods. Rat snakes and red tailed hawks are some of the most prevalent and beneficial rodent predators. While most homeowners would rather not see a 6 foot rat snake in their yard it is important to understand that they are beneficial and should be left to hunt.  Red tailed hawks need to be able to see the rodents from the air to catch and remove them.

One of the best things you can do as a homeowner is to make sure that these natural predators can work around your home. First, make sure that all trees and shrubs near the home are regularly cut back and away from the home..

Remember, if a hawk can’t see a mouse or rat from the air around your home then the rodent will feel safe there. The second common mistake of homeowners is to leave yard supplies, tools, toys, storage (unfinished yard projects :)) around the perimeter of their home.

Rodents will exploit this new “townhouse” you created for them and will use it as a base camp while they explore ways to access your home.

A great rule of thumb is that if you can’t see 12 inches out from the foundation of your home from the sky then rodents will feel comfortable there.

There are many ways to help control rodents that have already established themselves near your home and we would be happy to help.  There is also another good article on our blog about ways to rodent proof your home.

It is worth your time to keep rodents away from your house now and prevent having to deal with an infestation later.


Frisco is Rat Friendly

As many of you know, Frisco Texas is a beautiful city with wonderful shops and parks. There are great water features throughout and you are close enough to farmer’s fields that it still holds that “small town” charm.

Unfortunately, the same things that make you like Frisco, also draw rodents to the area. Rodents are attracted to areas that provide them with the necessities of life. Food, water, protection from predators and other rodents.

Food- Most rodents are omnivores, meaning that they can live off both meat and plant food sources and despite popular believe they are just as likely to eat nuts and seeds as they are to eat the block of cheese in the trap. The Frisco area still has large fields of grain and homeowners often leave trash and leftover food outside where rodents can find it.

One of the most common instances of this is the bird feeders that are left out for the huge variety of birds that frequent the Frisco area. While this is a great way to bring in new birds to your backyard it is also a great way to attract rats. It is recommended that you keep these seeds and feed at the top of a slick pole to limit the access of rodents to the grain.

This is just one example. The most important thing is to take a look around your home and see if you are inadvertently feeding the rodents in your neighborhood.

Water – Standing water around your home is not only a beacon for mosquitoes but is a great source of water for rodents. It’s important to address any standing water around your home for both of those reasons. Standing water near your foundation can also make conducive conditions for termites and carpenter ants.

We have already discussed protection from predators but Frisco and McKinney abound in heavy tree and underbrush growth areas. Make sure your home isn’t one of them and allow the natural predators to work around your home by clearing away any overgrown bushes or yard project remnants.


How to Keep Rodents Away From Your Home?

Every home is different and can bring it’s own set of challenges.

Rats and mice  can carry disease and damage your home by gnawing wires and leaving large amounts of droppings in your attic space.

Ellsworth Pest Control provides free inspections and can help you put together a plan to make your home less inviting for local rodents.

We also offer our clients in the Frisco, Plano and McKinney area three perfect plans to choose from that carry a guarantee against rodents and a regular inspection/service cycle that keeps them at bay.

Go ahead and contact us today.  We offer same day service for new and existing customers.


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